Wednesday, May 9, 2007


*Daily Schedule

8:00 am - 10:00 am College Briefing
The Preliminary Registration Form (Form 5A) indicating the subjects and schedule in which you pre-enlisted will be distributed. Attendace is a must.

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Registration at the Melchor Hall Lobby

*Form 138 (4th year HSC) with principal's signature
*2 passport size photos (with your name and signature at the back of your photos)
*Student Directory (2 copies) don't forget your signature
*Form 5A with Adviser's signature
*Medical Certificate from UP Health Service

Note: Bring black or blue ballpen (not sign pen pls.)


College/Degree Program
May 7 College of Arts and Letters
(BA Aral. Pilipino, BA Art Studies, BA Comparative Literature, BA Creative Writing, BA English Studies, BA European Lang., BA Filipino, BA Mal. Pagsulat sa Filipino, BA Speech Com., BA Theater Arts)

College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
(BA Psychology, BS Psychology, BS Geography BA Philosophy)

College of Engineering
(BS Computer Engg., BS Elect. & Comm. Engg., BS Elect. Engg.)


May 8 College of Engineering
(BS Chemical Engg., BS Civil Engg.)

College of Soc. Sciences and Philo.
(BA Anthro., BA Pol. Science, BA History, BA Sociology, BA Linguistics)

School of Economics
(BS Business Economics, BS Economics)

College of Music
(B Music)


May 9 Asian Institute of Tourism
(BS Tourism)

College of Architecture
(BS Architecture, B Landscape Architecture)

College of Human Kinetics
(B Physical Education, B Sports Science)

College of Education
(B Elementary Education, B Secondary Education)

College of Engineering
(BS Metallurgical Engg., BS Mining Engg., BS Materials Engg.)

College of Social Work and Com. Dev.t.
(BS Social Work, BS Community Dev.t.)

Institute of Library and Info. Science
(B Library & Info. Science)

National College of Public Adm. and Governance
(BA Public Administration)

School of Statistics
(BS Statistics)


May 10 College of Business Administration
(BS Bus. Adm., BS Bus. Adm. & Acctcy.)

College of Engineering
(BS Computer Science, BS Geodetic Engg., BS Industrial Engg., BS Mechanical Engg.)

College of Home Economics
(BS Cloth. Tech., BS Comm. Nutrition, BS F.L.C.D., BS Food Technology, BS Home Economics, BS H.R.I.M., B Interior Design)


May 11 College of Fine Arts
(B Fine Arts)

College of Mass Communication
(BA Broad. Comm., BA Comm. Research, BA F.A.V.C., BA Journalism)

College of Science
(BS Applied Physics, BS Biology, BS Chemistry, BS Geology, BS Math., BS M.B.B., BS Physics)

And those who did not make it on their scheduled date.

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